The Collective of Applied Law & Legal Realism (CALR) is the rapid delivery mechanism of AmerBON, Advocates’ pro bono services.

CALR hosted the Legal Aid Chit Chat Clinic No. 9 on 23 June 2020 to examine the rights of employees as businesses struggle to survive the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The topics discussed included:

  • categories of employees covered under the Employment Act 1955 (excluding Sabah and Sarawak which have their respective Labour Ordinances)
  • requirements that need to be fulfilled to justify the termination of an employment contract
  • lay-off benefits which terminated/retrenched employees are entitled to under the Employment (Termination and Lay-Off Benefits) Regulations 1980
  • legality of employee retrenchment and salary cuts
  • legal remedies available to aggrieved employees
  • process of lodging a representation on dismissal under section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and available redress

This recording can also be accessed at CALR’s Facebook page.