By Juliet Jacobs | BFM


We’re continuing our collaboration with the Freedom Film Network, who have been releasing a specially curated and thematic Freedom film playlist every weekend since early June — dubbed “Weekend Watch with FreedomFilmFest” — on their YouTube channel. This weekend, the playlist will once again feature films that fall under the theme “People’s Movement for Change,” and today, we discuss the film When Lawyers Walk, directed by Mien Ly. This short documentary covers the 2007 Walk of Justice which saw more than more than 2,000 lawyers and activists heading to Putrajaya to demand reforms to the country’s judiciary, after a scandal erupted over claims of political meddling in the appointment of judges. Here to refresh our memories about that incident are lawyers Edmund Bon and Amer Hamzah Arshad, from AmerBON, Advocates, who played a big part in organising that 2007 March.

Listen to the interview below

Produced by: Juliet Jacobs

The film When Lawyers Walk can be viewed at AmerBON’s YouTube channel.