By The Star

The Bar Council’s MyConstitution Campaign has received positive feedback from the public as they find it easy to understand the simplified terms and explanations of the contents of the Malaysian Constitution, said council Constitutional Law Committee Chairman Edmund Bon.

Bon said the campaign, which was launched in November last year, has received a strong response at state– and national–level events held to educate the public on the Federal Constitution.

The idea of the MyConstitution campaign was mooted by the Bar Council to educate and empower the people and to create greater awareness about the Constitution.

Bon said the Constitutional Law Committee, which heads the campaign, had organised numerous programmes on the Federal Con­stitution.

The committee has also produced a series of video advertisements on selected provisions of the Con­stitution, while a series of pocket–sized guides, which details different parts of the Constitution, were also published.

“The campaign also aims to promote the concept of constitutionalism and the rule of law,” he said during the launch of the fifth phase of the campaign, which involved the role of the executive.

The latest campaign was launched by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon here yesterday.

The campaign, which will end next year, will cover topics on the role and functions of the Federal Constitution as the “rule–book” of the nation as well as the roles, functions, and powers of constitutional institutions such as the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, the monarchy, and the public service.

It will also cover the relationship between the federal and state governments, the rights and fundamental liberties of the people, and the process of the federal and state elections as part of a democracy.

Those interested can learn more at its website They can join as fans on Facebook or check out video clips on the workshops and clinics posted on YouTube.

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