Last Sunday (5 September) evening when I heard the shocking news that an unknown 1Malaysia Youth Graduands Club had lodged a police report against the much-loved MyConsti campaign, claiming that its Rakyat Guides were seditious, the oft-quoted words of wisdom from Voltaire came to mind.

Voltaire said that “common sense is not so common” and the lodging of the report proved Voltaire to be right yet again.

In the present context, common sense (which is obviously lacking in some minds) tells us that the report was nothing more than an attempt by the Club to attract cheap publicity and gain some sort of recognition. C’mon, everyone knows that if you made a report against but-the-only-most-popular-movement-at-the-moment, its legion of fans would hate you, and you would be (in)famous instantly. The Club may now file a report against LoyarBurok!

It was another feeble attempt by ultra-right-wing conservatives via their stooges to spread fear and unsubstantiated rumours among the masses in a desperate attempt to maintain their hegemony.

For the record, I also find the notion of any 1Malaysia “fan club” such as 1Malaysia Youth Graduands Club which supports the supremacy or superiority of one race over others to be a joke. It is an oxymoron. It is akin to saying that we are a group of non-discriminatory racists.

So, as part of my crusade against anything that is stupid and inane, I have, on behalf of the LoyarBurok Defence Team, offered our services on a pro bono basis to the Bar Council and the MyConsti members.

If the authorities are smart or possess common sense, you would file the report and go away.

But if you are not, we challenge you to take this all the way.

You have my word that we will call on and mobilise 100 lawyers and pupils to comprise the Defence Team (a.k.a. “Team100″), and sit in court to fill every court bench. And to fight you on all fronts including in the trenches of every courtroom.

And if you are still not going to get the message, I’m not sure what will.

Perhaps this tweet by @edmundbon who chairs the Constitutional Law Committee will.

This article was published by LoyarBurok, archived here, and republished by the Malaysian Bar, archived here.