On 8 July 2022, AmerBON’s Pupil-in-Chambers, Ms Jacqueline Hannah Albert, was called to the Bar via conference call with the Kuala Lumpur High Court before YA Dato’ Ahmad Kamal bin Md Shahid. We thank Mr Edward Saw for moving Jacqueline’s call.

Edward Saw (mover) giving his speech
 (L-R) Anson Liow, Nur Izni Syazwani, Lau Yong Sheng, Jacqueline, Florence Yeap, Fok Xu Xuan, and Tan Jia Shen (Jacqueline’s friends)
(L-R) Yong Sheng, Jenn Lee, and Jacqueline
(L-R) Liza, Sue Lu, Jacqueline, Hui Yee, and Reshera (Jacqueline’s colleagues)
(L-R) Syuhada, Izni, Jacqueline, and Sherise (Jacqueline’s colleagues)
(L-R) Ee Jie, Jacqueline, Celine Khoo, Ignatius Joel Nathan (Jacqueline’s friends)
Jacqueline Hannah Albert, Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya

Edward’s speech is reproduced below:

Dengan izin Yang Arif, 

Saya, Edward Saw Keat Leong, hadir bagi pihak Pempetisyen kedua, Jacqueline Hannah Albert pada hari ini. Rakan-rakan bijaksana saya yang masing-masing mewakili Yang Berbahagia Peguam Negara Malaysia, Majlis Peguam Malaysia, dan Jawatankuasa Peguam Kuala Lumpur yang telah pun diperkenalkan awal tadi. 

Dengan izin Yang Arif, 

Saya ingin memohon kebenaran Yang Arif untuk meneruskan hujahan saya dalam Bahasa Inggeris. 

May it please you, my Lord, 

The Petitioner, Jacqueline Hannah Albert. 

The Petitioner was born on the 22 of November 1997 in Johor Bahru and is the first child of Mr Albert Ayavu and Mrs Wong Chan Lien. The Petitioner was in a girls’ school for more than half her life. She had her early education in SK Infant Jesus Convent JB, continued her secondary education in SMK Infant Jesus Convent JB, and she did her STPM in Sultan Ibrahim Girls’ School JB. She says that her time in a girls’ school was some of the best times of her life. She believes that the competitive environment among highly motivated (and sometimes kiasu) students was an empowering part of her upbringing. She also says that “if you can survive in an all-girls’ school, you can do anything”. 

When growing up as a child, her mother (a nurse) sometimes hinted that she should become a doctor. Specifically, a kidney doctor because we lack doctors with such expertise. But as time goes by, her mother realised that the risk of doctors being sued for negligence was something unavoidable. Her mother then hinted that she could perhaps think of becoming a lawyer. 

Upon reflecting on that suggestion around the age of 14, she thought it could be a feasible option considering the fact that she is someone who would not just stand by and do nothing when there is injustice. Until today, if the Petitioner is asked “why pursue law”, the Petitioner believes that for her, perhaps it is inherent. It is about the values, qualities, and skills that one stands for. An answer that she can never put into words as accurately as she feels.

The Petitioner had always thought that she would be pursuing her law degree in a university abroad. But she was given the opportunity to pursue law in Universiti Malaya, where she graduated top in her class in 2021 with First Class Honours. She was involved in moots, client consultation competitions, and was a legal advisor in the UM Legal Aid Clinic. She had been bestowed with multiple awards for her academic and non-academic achievements including the Tan Sri Visu Sinnadurai Academic Excellence Award, the Ahmad Ibrahim Award, the Chief Justice Prize, and Puan Sri Haseenah Abdoolcader Gold Medal.

Throughout the Petitioner’s time in high school up till university, the Petitioner was heavily involved with volunteering and humanitarian work. In 2015, the Petitioner was chosen to represent Malaysia to volunteer in Cambodia under an initiative by the then Ministry of Youth and Sports, MYCorps. It was a life-changing experience and it further boosted her enthusiasm for volunteerism and heightened her desire to make a difference. Upon returning to Malaysia, she was determined to give back in any way that she could to the local vulnerable communities. The Petitioner’s awareness and first-hand exposure to the inequities fueled her fight in wanting to do what she can, where she can. 

The Petitioner then commenced her pupillage in the chambers of AmerBON, Advocates under the tutelage of Mr Edmund Bon Tai Soon. The Petitioner finds that the firm complements and fuels the fight in her especially when she gets to work on pro bono and public interest cases.

On this special day, the Petitioner expresses her utmost gratitude to her family. No words can express how thankful she is for their endless love, support, and sacrifice. She is particularly thankful for the trust and liberty her parents have given her in making important decisions in her life. She also thanks her brother and sister for watching her back no matter what. 

The Petitioner would also like to thank her late grandmother whom had unfortunately passed on peacefully last Monday. The Petitioner would have loved for her to witness her call today. She had been instrumental in the Petitioner’s achievements, character, and the values the Petitioner holds on today. 

The Petitioner would like to thank her pupil master, Mr Edmund Bon Tai Soon for the guidance and opportunities given to her throughout her pupillage and time at the firm. The Petitioner respects his work ethics and his drive in what he believes in, although sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. The Petitioner is also grateful to Mr Amer Hamzah for allowing her to undergo her pupillage at the firm. Mr Amer has always been supportive and fun to work with. The Petitioner would like to thank both Mr Edmund Bon and Mr Amer Hamzah for being trusting and amazing mentors, which allowed her to grow and find her own working style. She thanks Mr New Sin Yew, Mr Joshua Tay, and Mr Michael Cheah who had all been patient with the Petitioner especially when she had to send them her draft work.  She would also like to thank everyone in AmerBON for the support given throughout her pupillage.

The Petitioner would like to thank all her friends who have been with her, whether throughout, or at any part of her journey, for their constant support and love.

The Petitioner also thanks all those who came before her, those who paved the way for her to be where she is today. Her friends and teachers from Convent JB, Sultan Ibrahim Girls’ School JB, her lecturers, seniors and juniors in the Faculty of Law Universiti Malaya, Small Changes Malaysia, NALS, and seniors in the legal fraternity, with whom she had crossed paths with. 

My Lord, I believe that the Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of this Honourable Court. I believe my learned friends from the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Bar Council, and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee have no objections to this motion. 

I humbly move this Honourable Court to admit and enrol the Petitioner, Jacqueline Hannah Albert, as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

Read Jacqueline’s post on Facebook on the day of her call, archived here.