By Geraldine Tong | Malaysiakini

Malaysian Bar Council Human Rights Committee co-chairs New Sin Yew and Yohendra Nadarajan were questioned by the police today over a candlelight vigil for Nagaenthran Dharmalingam, a Malaysian who was executed in Singapore.

New told Malaysiakini they entered the Dang Wangi district police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur at around 10am for questioning, which lasted around one and a half hours. They left at about 11.30am.

“(The questioning was) pleasant. They are investigating us under the Peaceful Assembly Act and the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act,” he said.

They were accompanied by law pupils Farhan Amran and Sherise Vergis during the questioning, he added.

On April 26, the Malaysian Bar organised a candlelight vigil for Nagaenthran in front of the Singapore High Commission building in Kuala Lumpur.

The vigil was held on the eve of Nagaenthran’s execution following the Singapore Court of Appeal’s dismissal of his mother’s final appeal to set aside his conviction and death sentence.

It was reported that the vigil had around 40 participants, who held up banners and makeshift candle holders for half an hour under the watchful eye of 30 police personnel.

Candlelight vigil for Nagaenthran

Nagaenthran, 34, was on death row for more than a decade for trafficking 44g of heroin into Singapore, which has some of the world’s toughest narcotics laws.

His lawyers and activists have said Nagaenthran’s IQ was found to be at 69, a level recognised as an intellectual disability.

However, the courts determined he knew what he was doing at the time of his crime and ruled there was no admissible evidence showing any decline in his mental condition.

Nagaenthran was executed early in the morning of April 27 at a Singapore prison.

Nagaenthran’s funeral procession