By Malaysiakini

Lawyer Edmund Bon has given his witness statement to the police, which was recorded under section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the session went pleasantly, said his law firm.

Bon’s lawyer, Amer Hamzah, said the interview was carried out by a police officer from the Kepala Batas police headquarters.

“The statement was recorded in less than an hour and was conducted in a pleasant manner as the police officer was willing to come all the way here.

“Bon was questioned on his statement made in the article published by The Malaysian Insider,” said Amer.

Bon’s law firm, Bon Advocates, today tweeted that he was interviewed by investigating officer assistant superintendent of police Zaidi Rahman, who had travelled from Penang to record his statement.

“Pleasant section 112 (Criminal Procedure Code) interview by ASP Zaidi Rahman.

“(Lawyers) Amer Hamzah, SY New … are in attendance. Should be out soon,” read the tweet, which Bon retweeted.

He had volunteered to give the statement to the police at his office at Pantai Business Park between 10am and 1.30pm today .

Meanwhile, Amer defended his client, saying that Bon was simply giving his legal opinion based on the decision of the Federal Court.

Amer explained that Bon’s view was also in line with a previous court decision.

“Bon was only giving his legal opinion related to the status of fatwa, (on) whether it is binding to non-Muslims or otherwise.

“In giving his view, Bon was only basing it on the Federal Court’s decision on the Sulaiman Takrib versus Terengganu government case,” said Amer.

Bon gave his statement in connection to comments he made in a The Malaysian Insider report.

Bon’s comments questioned the need for non-Muslims to adhere to a fatwa or a royal decree, following what was decreed in Kedah on Jan 19 which bars them from using the word “Allah”.

The National Fatwa Council made this decision in 1986.